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photo - Cornado Auto RecyclersCoronado Auto Recyclers, Inc. sells more engines, transmissions, rear ends and body parts, than anyone else in New Mexico. We have made some great friends in our customers, because at Coronado Auto Recycler's, Inc., every auto part is selected with you in mind.

Coronado Auto hand selects all of the used parts, as if they were selling them to their best friends, which they often are. Our new product lines go through a twelve part selection process, that guarantees the best possible parts at the best value for the dollar.

One of the things that sets Coronado apart from everyone else, is the lengths we go to to help you find the parts you need. Whether it is a new part from our shelves, a used part that we have personally checked, or a part that we locate throughout the nation, from one of a select group of other trusted recyclers, we make sure that you get the part that you need.

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Monday thru Friday: 9:00a to 4:00p
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

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Coronado Auto Recyclers
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Your Inside Contact in the Auto Parts Business

Why spend time, gas, and money driving around town trying to find that elusive part that will make your car complete?  Instead, let the professionals at Coronado Auto Recyclers, Inc. complete the search for you.  We can help you not only obtain those hard to find parts, but can also introduce you to new options such as new, remanufactured, rebuilt and used parts.

Local Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Nationwide Locating Service with Access to Millions of Parts

We can find the parts you need through our nationwide network of suppliers and distributors. Many distributors do not have their inventory online but through our specialized resources, networks and contacts we are able to access the information to make your hunt successful. Whether the part is found in Albuquerque, in New Mexico, or across the United States, we are able to locate the part and have it shipped to our facility for your convenient pick up or for direct shipping.

Where Can We Help You?

Part searches can include but definitely are not limited to the following:

• Tail Lights
• Head Lights
• Door Mirrors
• Wheels
• Engines
• Transmissions
• Axels
• Air Bags
• Door Glass
and many more parts!

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